Panorámica de la Mano del Desierto

Panorámica de la Mano del Desierto

Looking back at Chile it seems to me that I did what everybody else would have done. I fucking partied, but not like party, big time party! Met a lot of new brothers and sisters and I even met the daughter of a famous Chilean writer.


The day by day routine was wine. And street food. But mostly wine. The wine from Chile is all over South America and it is one of the best. It is affordable. I paid 1600 Chilean pesos for 1.5l. That’s like 2$. Bellavista *district in Santiago* was the occasional stop every 4 nights or so. All the big action was in the hostel. La Casa Roja. Red because it was so full of life! Every night chillaxing with Jote – wine ¾ & coke¼. In Spain they call it Kalimotxo.

I couldn’t afford to stay longer than 3 weeks and so I started to travel. I had no idea where I was going, but I knew I was a rookie traveler because I had too much luggage.2 bags.


Terminal. Checking the prices for buses and choosing. Calama City is the best offer. I’ve always wanted to go to Atacama Desert. I don’t know, it’s been like a calling. I can go as far as to say that in my dreams, aliens asked me to go there and that’s how I came up with this idea of Travelism. Maybe I was supposed to find a sign or something. And the sign came! From the driest desert in the world it became the wettest dessert in the world, so wet that San Pedro de Atacama had floods.


But no matter what, Atacama Desert it is out of this World. I do not have pictures from Atacama, just memories. 24 hours by buss, and no battery on camera. In the night but mostly in the daylight. You know the pictures from Martian Rover? That’s Atacama. Imagine this:

you fall deep asleep then suddenly twitch after someone tries to wake you up. You open your eyes and there you are… in the first row on the 2nd floor in a bus. A bus that is going on a road, in the middle of fucking nowhere and as you look out the window all you can see is this huge hand emerging from the desert.

Have a good night people, and don’t forget:

May you have travel in your hearts and peace in your souls!