Featured photo : A group of women makes its way into the Shrine of Ali in Mazar-i-Sharif, 1950.



Afghanistan has located in the central Asian civilization and one of historical and ancient country before and after Islam it has been consideredand connected of south Asian, west central Asian tourism in that sect had coved by tourist in past period.Exactly used form 50/ 20 decade especial sect so that after second world war the tourism industry worked in this part as a craft to be considered among the world and get a part of world tourism organization so that far become famous in tourism hospitality management which a formal government organization in 1958 m according to 1337 HigeriShamsi.

This org has offered by Abdul Wahab (Tarzi) to be established he was a perfect and professional in tourism sect.

Afghan tourism organization in 1354 HigeriShamsi according to 195 m among and next to 102 foreign country of the world got membership of WTO ( world tourism organization ) and also ATO got the membership of south Asia countries next to or among Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Serilanka, Maldei, Nepal and had been developed industry of tourism in Afghanistan and has got well income, introduce the development, history, culture, heritage culture, in world in years of 1350 according to 1971 m the important source of incomings ware from money exchanging every years about 190000 tourist ware visited from Afghanistan and rich of ancient relics and place, ancient history, culture, invested in part of silk road, natural beauties or views cool climate, make especial task for tourist to travel to Afghanistan more and more.


Afghan Girl is a 1984 photographic portrait by journalist Steve McCurry which appeared on the June 1985 cover of National Geographic


Afghan People Playing Buskashi by Rafiq Maqbool


Lake Band-e-Amir by Carl Montgomery

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